alyssa dancel / copywriter 

vampire weekend rebrand

maip application: A musical artist you love is re-branding and they want you to art direct their new look. Design their new look, and include assets they can use for print, billboards, album covers and/or vinyl designs, and social pages (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Spotify/Apple Music/Soundcloud). In less than 300 words, explain your artist's new direction.

Re-finding ourselves.

concepting: “Pyramids on the Hudson” plays on New York City culture, which remains to be one of the biggest influences on lead singer, Ezra Koenig. Koenig previously leaving New York and moving back to Los Angeles, only to move back 4 months later, plays into the importance of nostalgia and culture.

‘Pyramids’ plays on the idea of how everyone wonders how they how they ended up in the city, similarly to how we still question the pyramids in Egypt. ‘the Hudson’ looks back to songs like “Hudson” and “A-Punk.” One eerily talks about the river’s history and one tells a story of Joanna taking a drive away from the city up the river. Together, “Pyramids on the Hudson” presents the idea of how we often question our identity and our place in this world and end up re-finding ourselves in the places we say farewell to--and that the world beyond NYC is along the Hudson river. This title fully encompasses Vampire Weekend’s very nice, captivating wordplays.

The old photographs represent the periods where they struggled with identity and finding themselves. The faces are marked over with sharpie to allude to how everyone can be in the same position. And with the band never having an album cover featuring their faces, these photographs represent finally navigating with their truest indentity forms.

Utilizing the city’s flag colors: blue and orange come together to define Vampire Weekend as a playful, modern band. Typography gives a vintage feel to aid the photography, but still remains fresh and lively like the band continues to be.