Let’s Play

Remember when you turned 18...all of a sudden, you go from kid to adult. You’re eager about the adventure ahead, but it’s a bit intimidating. You just need a little push.

Let’s get 18 and 19 year olds to jump into this new world—newfound freedom and indepedence with Tinder by inviting them to play.

🏆 1st Place—District 2  ‘21 🏆
CD, copy: Alyssa Dancel
CD, design: Janine Pultorak

buzz & awareness

To introduce “Let’s Play” outdoor, experiential, and video spots will engage 18 and 19 year olds utilizing a first person voice to resonate with them.


interactive playground

digital video spot

enagement with Tinder

Ads will be placed on social media and websites that 18 and 19 year olds use most to encourage play.

social & online display

The PlayList
An interactive splash page that challenges users to live more bold and helps them find more fun. This list comprises of ten fun activities that refreshes every 2 weeks to encourage participants to get up, go out and have fun. Users that participate can earn badges that will be featured on their Tinder profile, be featured on social media, or just for fun 😋️

engagement with the Playlist

A variety of mobile media tactics to continuously drive people back to the Playlist. With new Playlist refreshes, creative will change to be relevant towards new activities.


online display & paid search

The PlayList digital video spot

direct mail
Partnering with Chegg, this direct mail piece will be placed in textbook boxes college students order to invite them into the world of Let’s Play by engaging with this special PlayList curated just for them and their potential bae 😌️

user generated content

targeted text messages for tinder & playlist