★ anime makeup ★

Aside from beautiful animation and storytelling, the character design for many shows hold inspiration to my everyday life. This translated to incorporating my two favorite pasttimes together (watching anime and doing my makeup). Here are various looks that I have done inspired my my favorite character designs from different shows.

king of curses / jujutsu kaisen / sukuna  sandy taboo eyeliner  

 naruto / orochimaru
 claropsyche psyche’s box

curse mark / naruto / sasuke 
sandy taboo eyeliner (again) 

 upper 3rd moon / demon slayer / akaza    
  pat mcgrath mothership I: subliminal palette
  nyx eyeliner for brows

flame hashira / demon slayer / rengoku  sandy taboo eyeliner for brows and eyes 

 lower 3rd moon / demon slayer / rui
 mac russian red lipstick
 nyx eyeliner

naruto / kimimaro 
mac russian red lipstick