alyssa dancel / copywriter 

Sun Bum

Show some Bum

Team: Taylor Sedlazek, Alyssa Dancel
Men get insecure too. This insecurity sprouts when they have to put on sunscreen. Most sunscreens are thick, messy, and leave a white caste that leave men feeling weird. So they skip it completely leaving their skin to be completely exposed to the sun.

We want them to feel good by getting them to embrace themselves and their skin--in the water, on the board, and off it.

online display

Drive surfers to the SHOW SOME BUMpage on the Sun Bum website with online display ads to be featured across surf scene websites they frequent the most.

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Drive male surfers to the


landing page that are searching for sunscreens,
boards, and surf news. 

landing page 


gentle reminders along the coastline and on the boardwalk for some buzz.

the bum kit

A special package to kick off warm weather and sunshine.
This special mineral kit emphasizes: ‘a lot of sunscreen for the person that is going to bask in the sun 99% of summer.’
Each kit will come with a little note from Sun Bum to not sweat the small stuff... because most of our insecurities are just the fake voice in our head.

merchandise display


merchandise displays to be placed at Sun Bum locations such as Target and local surf shops across the United States. Each display features the special bum kit.

Local surfshops will be able to sell a special bum kit features a special kit of one face sunscreen spf 30, sticky bumps wax, and a viynl sticker for the car.

 Sun Bum Instagram 


Viynl stickers for the board or the car because surfers love stickers.