A California initiative to get Californians to know when and how to save energy during the hottest summer days, in order to prevent power outages from occurring.

Client: Energy Upgrade California
CDS: Jo Cresswell & Sian Coole
AD: Sonia de Nicolo
We can’t prevent a PSPS, but we CAN all help stop a power outage during a Flex Alert 🚨! If we all flex our power and reduce energy use from 4-9PM when a Flex Alert🚨 is called, we can all save our power!💪☀️
🚨 Flex Alert!🚨 A super easy way to help stop a power outage is to turn off any lights you’re not using right now!😉 Double tap if you’ve got lights you can lose...Go!
🚨 Flex Alert!🚨 Plug it in, California! 🔌Charging devices and electric vehicles now can help stop an outage later-just remember to unplug before 4! 🔋👌 Double tap to let us know you’re plugging in.
Let’s all chiiiiill, California and pre-cool our homes so we stay chill when we take it easy on our AC from 4-9PM. Cool, right? 😎

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